The Grant

The SDSM&T IEEE Student Branch offers up to a $150 dollar grant for any senior design project that applies and qualifies. The final amount is subject to availability of funds and quality of the proposal. Grant funds are distributed as reimbursement of funds spent on parts and supplies only, and may take a few days to process.

The Application Process

There are two major components of the application:

  1. A writtten proposal including: a fully destailed project description; team member names, major, and IEEE Member status (include Member number if applicable); an itemiezed report of how funds will be used; an explanation of how the projects pursues IEEE goals. A sample of a previous project proposal may be found here.
  2. A project presentation lasting approximately 5 minutes covering the details and goals followed by a short question and answer period following the presentation.

The applications will be due in late February and presenations will occur before spring break.


Previous projects include purePack (Spring 2011) and Light Arch (Spring 2015).

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